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Murcia City Murcia is an inland city located along the River Segura in the southern area of Costa Blanca in Spain. It boasts some excellent historic sites and impressive architecture including the city's cathedral Great for shopping (avoid siesta time) with plently of restaurants, bars and cafes. Cartagena A typically spanish naval city located about 30 minutes south of Los Alcazares. The city offers some fabulous shopping, plently of cafes and restaurants and also a stunning harbour. Guided pleasure boat trips from the harbour follow the Cartagena coastline around some of its most historical points. The boat tours take around an hour.
Archena An historic spa possibly dating back to the 5th century. Now a spa resort nestled in the hills North of Murcia. The resort has an indoor and outdoor thermal pool along with lumbar jets, streams, waterfalls, hot tubs and a children's pool. The medicinal waters of Archena are an excellent remedy for physical conditions and also to restore overall wellness. Well worth a visit


Callblanque Lies just south of La Manga and the Mar Menor and is a rare stretch of unspoint Mediterranean coastline, it is a natural park protected from any development. Calblanque is an area of exceptional beauty and tranquility with fine golden, sandy beaches and clear, sparkling waters with boardwalks down to the beach. It stretches along 13 km of the coast and consists of beaches, peaceful coves, ancient sand dunes, stunning rock formations, beautiful walking trails and pine forests.
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